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squishy arena goodness

Last night we were finishing up the last few arena bouts on our 5v5 team 'Squishies of Doom'. Yes, I take full credit/blame for the name.

We didn't have a great week though we won 2 of the 3 battles last night. The best battle for me though, is the one we lost. You see rogues have ever been my nemesis in arena. I seem to be one of their favorite 'keep her stunned until she's dead' targets. Well not this time buddy. I kept blasting away at this rogue, who admittedly was foolish enough to stand there and not run behind me like you usually see. Finally - with one last barrage of mind blast and shadow word death, that damn rogue dropped to the arena floor. I was so excited for like a split second. And then I realized I was the last one up on my team and the rogue was the only one down on his. Ah well. It was worth it. You don't know how long I've wanted some payback on a rogue in arena. Some rogue, any rogue - this was just the lucky winner of the "Make Kattina's Day Rogue Lottery".


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Long Time, No Blog

I know, I know. It's been bugging you not knowing what Kattina (my 70 shadow priest) has been up to lately. Well, for the last few weeks we've been raiding Karazhan 3 days a week, doing arena, and running the cooking dailies.

Last weekend, finally, we totally cleared Kara (and it only took 2 gaming sessions). I was so proud of us. We've come so far since the early days when we'd wipe on Moroes and Maiden was impossible. The last boss to hold out on us - Netherspite, but we finally got it down and did the beam dance to good effect. I guess we're looking to Zul'Aman next. Yummy troll goodness and my hopes for Mojo the pet...

Last night we were doing our 5v5 arena. For anyone that cares to look us up, we're Squishies of Doom (on Proudmoore). Our last bout was the strangest I've ever experienced. It was a hard fight, but we finally dropped the fourth man of the other team (me and our holy priest were casualties, unfortunately). The weirdness starts in that their resto shammie had been feared through the back wall of their starting area. He was alive, outside the arena, but still listed as alive and in the game. WTF? We couldn't reach him from inside. As the minutes ticked by we realize, this guy is trying to wait us out. He's hoping we get bored and exit so his team will win by default. But no - not us. We don't give up. Even if it means being stupid tired the next day because we stayed up too late. (To be fair, the 16 points from the bout put us over the top into the next overall ranking range.) Our ever crafty druid tank found a way to jump up! the pillar and eventally got over the walls of the arena to the netherplane where this other guy was hanging out. A 20 minute chase ensued. It wouldn't have taken so long if the other guy would have stayed and fought, but he took off on his mount and just ran around. After much entreties, shouts and mutterings, finally, finally - this guy afks out and allows the bout to end. Yes, I stayed up past 1am on a work night for a lousy 16 points of arena rank. And damn did it feel good.


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I've done two guild runs to Karazhan now with my shadow priest. It's different. The mansion is really detailed and the battles are challenging, but I'm having a hard time feeling that it's worth the effort.

Our guild finally has enough people to do a full 10 man group. We were at it about 3 hours. We finished the stable on our second try. There were two blue drops (some piece of metal armor and the reins to Midnight). We had numerous goes at Moroes but did not triumph. I know I spent over 15g in repairs. My husband spent over 22g in repairs. I think I got one green drop. I don't know if he got anything. I will probably go again when we do it again (we're trying for once a month) but cash for time - it's like shoveling gold into a volcano - a lot of work and disappearing gold.

I've done a few heroic runs in Mechanar now and those have been a lot more satisfying. Generally everybody gets something. I generally have a few gold in repairs - but don't die nearly as often as Kara.

Lately, even when we lose, I've been enjoying our 3v3 arena team. You aren't paying for equipment repairs in pvp and it's some fast and furious battles against wily human opponents (usually).


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The Arena

My guild formed a 3v3 arena team tonight. You know I've done some pvp as my shadow priest 70 (Kattina). I thought I wasn't that bad. And then we did the arena battles. We got annihilated. Quickly. Viciously. Embarassingly annihilated. We definitely need more practice. Out of four battles we only managed to kill one member of the other team. Ouch.


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New way of playing AV

It's no longer about winning, it's all about getting honor points to get the next GM weapons. It looks like AVs are the only bgs that one can earn a hell lot of honor points just by killing.

What's the numbers like? Approximately in one hour, when taking part in the defense i.e. protecting Alliance leader (can't remember his name, I'm having a blonde moment), you can actually end up with 100+ honor kills as oppose to 30-40 honor kills if you were to play offense i.e. slay Drek. Well, the Horde team is defining entertatining us with the honor points so all it good.

I'm heading to more defense. It's definitely more exciting even if I do die more often. Think I hit 30 AV tokens already but so far, only 6.9K honor points. ABs and WSGs aren't going anywhere much except to get honor points.

Wonder if now Blizzard will now put a nerf to this too? Spoilsports if they do...


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PvP : Gear Shopping

How else can I describe except shopping for better gear. I'm getting new clothes and new weapons. Although, I still haven't bought them yet. Will take me awhile to get enough honor points to do so but by golly, I will.

With the revamping of the Honor Rankings, it's seriously (and obscenely so) easy to get hold of the creme-de-la-creme equipment i.e. Grand Marshal (GM) weaponry and armorsets. All it's needed are honor points and tokens. It's easy to get tokens (only need 20-30 tokens) but getting honor points, that's certainly a long grind albeit an easier one compared to before.

Most of the GM stuff are valued at 20-40-60K honor points. At a rate of 700 points per hour, playing the game at a casual rate of 4 hours daily, it'll take a player about a week of playtime to get those weapons. That's how serious the playing field has gotten and everyone is leaving instances to do PvP.

Getting Alterac Valley tokens : easy as pie. WSG and AB? Errr...definitely tougher considering that the Alliance team never works well in WSG and AB. Although, this morning I was in an AB that actually won. Then again, I think it's because it was a premade group from Silverhand server and I was the odd one out.

I also find myself shopping more for +healing gear than I do actually Feral Gear. Why? Because it's easy to find Feral gear i.e. I'm looking at rogue gear. With +Healing, it's not exactly easy to find it. Why +Healing? Because in raids, I'm healing during the Boss confrontations and going Feral during trash mobs. We're usually a little bit short of healers at times. Full resto is not for me yet until I hit level 70. In the mean time, I enjoy being very strongly feral and still being able to heal.

Bet PvPers would find it most bizzare that a Feral Druid is off healing. Reason : my gear isn't up to top-notch yet and besides, there's always a shortage of healers. Since healing does count as much as killing blows or being present during an actual kill, I'm actually getting a lot of honor points too.

Although one thing that I'm not sure about is how I earn honor points. While I was sleeping, my honor points went up from 400 points to 3K. Still fuzzy on the honor calculations but oh well.


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PvP Galore

With the revamp honor system, BGs are hitting at least 70-100 different instances for one type of BG (battleground). Today, in my server's cross-realm group, there's about 170+ BG for Arathi Basin alone.

Also, got to see Alterac Valley for the 1st time and it really is huge for a noob to take it all in. I've learnt that it's more exciting to follow those in the leading pack rather than stay behind to defend. Well, if you like to defend, by all means, stay back. I just tend to die a bit more at this level since I don't exactly hit that hard and I take hits very hard!

Now that the Field Marshal and Grand Marshal gear are within everyone's means of getting it, people are dropping instance runs just to go full out on PvP more. Well, in between raids that is. There is some money to be made from the BGs but not a lot I think.

Anyway, taking a break from so much PvP this morning.


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Patch 2.0.1 - 492 MB Patch

Postnote : Apparently the note I originally posted up last night is not the updated one. Ah well. The post has been edited to include in the correct one (hopefully).

Yep, while the servers are offline, you can download the new patch like now. :) Just log in as per normal to start the patch download.

This patch was coming down over the past few weeks in bits and pieces so the last bit was just a little bit over 2 MB. However, if not, well, 492 MB is a pretty long download. Ah well. Better to get started before the American players wake up. Then it's definitely havoc to play around with.

Anyway, here are the patch notes showing the current updates. Definitely different from the PTR patch note page. More after the jump.

Note : Some of the links are not updated yet to reflect the new changes.

- World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.0.1

The latest patch notes can always be found at

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