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New Content Update and new Booster Packs

Link: http://www.ea.com/games/warhammer-online

BioWare Mythic has unleased The Verminous Horde 1.4.0 patch upon Warhammer® Online: Age of Reckoning® (WAR) players, introducing brand new free playable content with the revamp of Open RVR combat, Skaven Dungeon and four playable Skaven classes, as well as two new Realm vs. Realm™ (RvR) booster packs Progression Pack and Personality Pack available for purchase.

The Verminous Horde 1.4.0 features a host of new free content and gameplay for all WAR subscribers including:
Revamped Open RvR – Introducing a brand new capture mechanic in Tiers 2-4 of Open RVR in WAR that will dramatically change the game and provide even more incentives for players get out there and join the war!
Skaven Dungeon – The Skaven have arrived in the Age of Reckoning opening up access to an RvR level 65+ dungeon, Thanquol’s Incursion! Players participating in the dungeon will get all-new gear and first access to playable Skaven troops.
Four playable Skaven Classes – Players will be able to control Skaven troops in four classes, the Warlock Engineer, the Pack Master, the Rat Ogre, and the Gutter Runner.

In addition to the content provided with The Verminous Horde 1.4.0 patch, WAR players will also have the ability to purchase two new RvR booster packs. The booster packs, which include enhancements to either the progression or the personality of users’ characters, will be available to purchase an individual pack for $9.99 or both packs together for $14.99 from EA STORE at: http://www.ea.com/games/warhammer-online. Players who buy the $14.99 combo pack within the first 30 days (through December 16th, 2010) will receive two additional trophy tokens and one additional barber surgeon token.

The Progression Pack will take effect on all characters on a user’s account and will include:
20 More Ranks – Progress to Renown Rank 100 and enjoy all the rewards that come with those added levels
New Sets – All new Renown gear and Item Sets as players progress through Renown Ranks 81-100. This includes two new Split sets of Armor with unique looks and bonuses available at Renown Rank 90 and 100
New Weapons – Three new sets of Scenario Weapons as players progress through Renown Ranks 81-100. These weapons are available at Renown Ranks 81, 90, and 100
Accelerated Leveling – Advance through the Renown Ranks at an accelerated rate, allowing players to get up to the new Renown Ranks quicker than ever

The Personality Pack will take effect on all characters on a user’s account and will include:
Barber Surgeon Tokens – The new in game Barber Surgeon requires tokens that are available to owners of the Personality pack only. Players will get four tokens to completely change their facial customization options
Vanity Pets – Receive four new vanity pets in their choice of four different colors. Order characters on the account will receive the Two-Headed Hound, the Drake, the Ugly Hound, and the Hawk. Destruction characters on the account will receive the Two-Headed Hound, the Drake, the Iron Hawk, and the Jester
Mounts – Receive a high end heavy mount in their choice of three colors. These mounts are useable at Renown Rank 60 and provide a 70% speed bonus with a 45% chance of dismount
Dyes – Access to use new dyes on the dye-masters that are new and unique.

The Verminous Horde Patch 1.4.0 patch will download and install automatically the next time WAR players log on.


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BioWare Mythic finds WAR in Europe

Electronic Arts Inc. today announced that BioWare Mythic, the studio that develops Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, assumes publishing, operating and subscription service rights for the game in Europe. BioWare Mythic assumes the rights from GOA, a division of France Telecom. Launched in North America, Europe and Oceania in September of 2008 and in Russia in February of 2009, WAR is an epic fantasy MMORPG based on the popular tabletop game from Games Workshop.

"We thank GOA for the tremendous job they did launching WAR in Europe and serving this dynamic community for the past two years," said Eugene Evans, General Manager of BioWare Mythic. "Today, we're excited to have the opportunity for BioWare Mythic to directly care for WAR players throughout Europe. We are committed to providing the highest possible level of service and maintaining the joy of epic Realm vs. Realm battles for all European players."

Building upon the successful transition of Dark Age of Camelot(tm) from GOA in February 2010, BioWare Mythic assumes operational responsibility for European WAR immediately. Once the transition begins, access to European servers for WAR will be suspended for 48 to 72 hours as new servers are brought online. After this transition period, the full game will be accessible and all current and former European subscribers will receive 14 days of free* gameplay. Standard billing rates will resume after this free* game play period.

All characters and account information will be migrated to BioWare Mythic servers and be available to present and past players. In addition, new players will be able to create a free** endless trial account. For more information on the transition and payment methods, please visit www.warhammeronline.com/international/

*Requires internet connect, acceptance of EA's End User Access and License Agreement and account registration update.

** See http://www.warhammeronline.com/trial/index.php?WHFB9F-PNAIU-3XRWI-E6BRD
-TRPTI for details.


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New Signup Process

Link: http://www.warhammeronline.com/

Mythic Entertainment today announced that subscribing to Warhammer® Online: Age of Reckoning® (WAR) is even easier with the introduction of the new one-step upgrade method for the critically acclaimed MMORPG. The new process allows endless free trial players the ability to upgrade to the full version of WAR simply by subscribing. Players who subscribe through the WAR free trial will not be required to purchase the retail version of the game.* (Existing retail codes are still valid for 30 days of game time for new accounts.)

Players can join the WAR endless free trial and experience the new user journey, all of the intense Realm vs. Realm™ action and subscribe to the full version of WAR by visiting the official website.


EA MAY RETIRE ONLINE FEATURES AFTER 30 DAYS NOTICE POSTED ON www.warhammeronline.com.</blockquote>


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A new patch!

Mythic Entertainment today announced that the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning 1.3.4 patch has gone live. The WAR 1.3.4 patch includes a series of updates including a central focus on the enhancements and streamlining of Scenarios and City Sieges which have been made based directly of off recent community feedback. The scenario and city siege enhancements will include optimization in attaining “critical mass” for all scenarios, provision of a variety of scenarios based on community feedback, and ensuring that the scenarios are conducive to attaining the newly introduced RvR earned weapons.

Other major features that went live from the 1.3.4 patch today include:

  • VFX+SFX Pre-Game Improvements
  • New Scenario Currency
  • Scenario List Optimization
  • Quest Focus - Tier 2 RvR Content
  • Campaign Restarts during stage 2 city siege
  • Career Balance Changes
  • Among other fixes and improvements:
  • Scurvy Dogs Live Event
  • New 6v6 Live Event Scenario: The Ironclad

You can read more about the Scenario & City Siege structure improvements via the recent post by Andy Belford on the Warhammer Online forums.


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Call to Arms!

Mythic Entertainment has sounded a rallying call for past players of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning with their new Call to Arms Reenlistment Campaign. All past subscribers of WAR are invited to return to the game between December 16th - 23rd to receive special in-game item rewards and ten (10) free days of game time to discover why WAR is now even better than ever!

Returning players must visit the Mythic Account Center between December 16th - 23rd to reactivate their WAR accounts. Players will have access to all of their characters during the free 10-day re-evaluation period which begins upon reactivation. No subscription required.

"So much has changed on the battlefields of WAR over the past several months, and we are giving all returning players 10 free days to come back and experience these improvements for themselves," said Jeff Hickman, Studio Executive Producer at Mythic Entertainment. "The game runs faster and is more stable than ever before. We've really improved the RvR experience - we've removed fortresses as a barrier to sacking the cities, we've implemented the new Underdog System, and you can always find a battle in Open RvR. There has never been a better time to step back into the Age of Reckoning and re-join the WAR!"

The Call to Arms Reenlistment Campaign will also offer returning players three valuable in-game item rewards: The Libram of Insight (+15% to Experience, Renown, and Influence; limited uses), The Signet of Cursed Company (turns a player into a skeleton), and Kemmler's Arthritic Hand (enhanced Action Point regeneration). In addition, both current and former players will receive a 20% bonus to Experience, Renown and Influence while playing WAR from December 16th - 23rd.

Past subscribers can download the full game client from http://www.warhammeronline.com/download/


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News: Holiday Live Event

Today, EA and Mythic Entertainment have released Patch 1.3.3 for Warhammer Online (WAR) and officially announced the details for the WAR Holiday Live Event, the 2nd Annual Keg End celebration.

Following closely behind the release of Patch 1.3.2, which greatly enhanced the overall performance of WAR, Patch 1.3.3 introduces a variety of new gameplay features, including:

· The Underdog System – This new system is tied to city captures and will help keep RvR competitive and challenging by granting a ramping RvR handicap to an under-populated realm to make it easier for them to take objectives and zones.

· Bloom and HDR Lighting – Enables post processing visual effects to heighten the visual experience of WAR.

· The WAR Report – Gives players a full update on all RvR and PvE events and introduces a new “instant action” teleport ability

WAR will be getting into the Holiday spirit with the 2nd Annual Keg End Live Event, running from December 16th – January 4th. During the celebration of the Dwarf New year players can earn exclusive in-game rewards, including the titles "Brew Hound" for Order and "Broo Dawg" for Destruction, a deployable Party Keg allies may interact with to increase their morale gain rate, and a Keg Tap with career-specific stats. Rare World Drop Items include the Battlebrew Backpack (one for each tier in which they are found) and your own personal keg toting servant - the Dwarf Keg Handler (Order) or Goblin Bar-Back (Destruction)!

You can find the full Patch Notes and Live Event details at following links:
· Patch 1.3.3: http://herald.warhammeronline.com/patchnotes/index.php?id=2009_1-3-3
· Keg End Live Event: http://herald.warhammeronline.com/liveevents/2009KegEnd.php


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Endless Free trial

Mythic Entertainment announced that Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, has replaced its 10-day time-limited free trial with a new, endless free trial program which is now available for download. The new streaming client for the endless free trial enhances the game's accessibility and greatly decreases the download time, making it easier than ever for new players to experience the never-ending battles of WAR for themselves.

Read more »


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Mac players, rejoice!

Mythic Entertainment™, announced that the critically acclaimed MMORPG, Warhammer® Online: Age of Reckoning® (WAR), is now available for the MAC®. The MAC version is available to new subscribers via digital download at Gametreeonline.com for $19.95. Current subscribers can download the Mac version free of charge at www.warhammeronline.com/download.

“We couldn’t be more excited to officially bring Warhammer Online and our intense Realm vs. Realm combat to Mac gamers,” said Jeff Hickman, Executive Producer of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. “We welcome MAC users to experience the thrill of WAR and take up arms with their PC brethren.”

Great stuff for Mac players. Not enough games are available there (according to my dad, anyway - an avid Mac fan!)

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