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MP (Metaphysicist)


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MP (Metaphysicist)

I was playing my MP the other day and was doing really well with the short duration pets. Quite annoying to recast 3 pets every half hour then rebuff them, but still fun since you can self buff your nanoskills to put out a better pet than most.

Unfortunately because you are assumed to always have the buffs up your pets are not as tough as another class's pets of the same level. Of course engineer's can't even play (well) unless they get at least MP buffs so thats one consolation.

Finally found a static dungeon (like a mission where the mobs respawn every so often) and spent about 20 levels in there getting pieces of my specialization 2 book. Also found a 'Wierd looking improved constitution' nano for my doc, adds 61 to heal delta (natural heal rate) for a time.

My MP is a nanomage (NM) so dies extra quick when hit (INT/PSY focused, -1hp per body dev, +1 nano per nano dev), if I ever make another I'll definately not be nanomage. Recent perks, research, and the mess of level locked nanos have wiped out the advantages they (NM) used to have. In fact Atrox (the 'big lug' bruiser race with poor int but lots of hp & strength) now makes the best at most classes unless going for PvP where high HP (health) can be bad due to the damage caps in PvP being % based.

Overall alot of fun, and Mimorytwist is now Level 80 and due to stop for a bit and get new implants, best nanos castable, and better armor, etc for the next leveling grind.

Next up:
False MP (aka Agent L15-L70)

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