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Went to the family reunion this weekend, came home to find the computer with a BSOD. So, no gaming till I figure out what is going on. I can't even get it to start :( So, I guess my free trial will end before I can even begin.


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A Troubled Night

Actually got off work early (err..on-time, actually. Sad when leaving 'ontime' translates to 'early'. Anyway) I decided to mess around with fitting out my little ship, but I couldn't do anything because I didn't have enough money or space.

I tried to figure out how to get back to the place where I had left off, as far as missions go, but couldn't. The names were too unfamiliar, and there's no straightline path to the next 'place'. I wandered around, and tried to figure out how to steer my ship to go do some mining or something. No dice. Apparently the arrow keys don't control your ship's movement. The mouse just controls your camera view, which always rotates around your ship. Ugh. That kind of thing makes me motionsick, especially if I'm looking one way and moving another - which this game does a lot of. If you tell the autopilot to go to the nearest stargate, it will, even if it means rotating the ship on you. That's not fun for me. I never did figure out how to move the ship, nor how to mine an asteroid to get some raw materials to sell or something. I set up some more training stuff, then decided to create a new character.

Here's another thing I don't like about EVE - only one character per account can train at a time. That's very different from every other MMO I've played, where each is independent of the other. So my new noob has to sit till the old noob finishes training. Blech.

On top of that, the sound was stuttering all night, and when I tried to log off, the game locked up - in mid sound. That was irritating.

These aren't really show stoppers, but they definitely aren't endearing me to this game. Plus the UI is not intiuitive, and I feel like I'm going to have to read a 500 page manual to know what the heck I'm doing or even how to do it.

Maybe if I had more time on my hands, it might be different.


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Lost...in space

Didn't have much time to spend in the game tonight - 14 hour days are not the norm for this pencil pusher!

I did log on, and I noticed I had mail! Apparently someone from the training academy was impressed with me, and wanted to talk to me.

So, after I set my next set of training rules (10 hours this time!), I undocked, warped to the nearest gate, and...umm. Now what? Ok, this isn't the right system, so I better warp to the next gate.

Umm. No dice. I did finally figure out how to access the ingame help, and found where to search for a location. I did a search for the station, set it as my destination, and engaged the auto-pilot. Wow, was I lost 6 jumps later, I arrive at the station, dock, talk to the guy who had sent me the mail...and he doesn't have any missions? Huh?

Oh. Apparently I got this email during the tutorial, and I'd already talked to him, and done his missions. :oops: Well, at least I got a chance to figure out help, and setting locations!


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Well, that's different!

I can tell this is not going to be a game that I can learn in 14 days! I went through the tutorial, and while it gave a lot of information, it skipped a few things...

like chat.
how to join a guild/corporation/whatever they're called.
how to exit the game.

That last one I had to fumble around through every menu option I could find, till I hit the escape key - oi! Another menu!

I'm going to stick with it, although I can see how it can be a timesink. 9 hours to train my first skill.

We'll see how well I survive :)


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And Now for Something Completely Different

We can't play DDO as often as I'd like, and I've hit a 'wall' with AC. I've always been into Sci-Fi, and a space game like EVE sounds just interesting enough.

I'm downloading the free trial. I don't know if 14 days will be enough to get a good taste for what EVE can do for me, and I am rather nervous about the PVP aspects, but I really would like to try something different.

Wish me luck! I'll be blogging my experiences and progress from day one, so you'll get to see what it's like for an experienced MMO'er to be a true noob :)


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Am I a pirate?

I've been playing Eve continuously for almost a year now. This is the second longest I've ever played a MMO (behind 18 consecutive months of SWG). My corporation has gone from four people to over ten and we recently joined an alliance.

So there we are the other night doing some mining. And as we're moving ore back and forth from the asteroid belt we keep coming across members of our alliance. I casually inspect them as I do everyone, checking what they fly, what their security rating is, and so on.

The first one has a slightly negative rating and a small bounty. Interesting, I think. But thats cool. I continue on. The next one has an even worse security rating and a bigger bounty. Huh, must be together I think and move on.

The third one has a bad security rating and a bounty of nearly 185,000,000 ISK (the currency of Eve). Thats a LOT!!!! I have had at most in my position maybe 60,000,000 ISK before and that was rare. The Exhumer I was in was scarcely worth more than that guy's bounty.

So I mention it to my corp-mates who also express surprise that many of the alliance members that have seen and inspected also had negative ratings and bounties.

Huh, I think to myself. We joined a pirate alliance. Does that mean we're pirates? Arr matey and all that jazz? Paint that ther' parrot on th' side o' me ship, for' ah keel-haul ye!

I haven't blown anyone up yet. And I haven't begun preying on other miners. So perhaps I'm not a pirate afterall. But I haven't been attacked recently so maybe being allied with the pirates is a good thing. A bonus. The silver lining, as it were. They probably blew up and scared off the competition.

Or maybe we sold our soul to the devils. Time will tell. Until then, maybe I'll keep one eye on the rocks, the other peeled for danger, and a loaded gun under my pillow... er, fitted, heated up and ready to fire.


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Drone Space...

So as I mentioned in my previous post I recently joined up with Lucky Hydra Corp (LHY) part of the SMASH alliance. Arriving out in TDE I didn't realize how interesting things were quickly going to get; here I was in 0.0 with only 10mil ISK, flying a T2 equipped ship that in a fleet would be declared Primary the minute we engaged (Scorpion). What can I say in my eagerness to get back in to the fight my pre-planning wasn't the best. It was after a couple of days that I realized that I needed to get some cash fast.

So whats a guy to do but take advantage of the situation I was in and Rat like I have never ratted before. I headed out to drone space to meet up with a few other LHY members. Getting out there was touch and go as I had to go though some fairly dangerous territory. Arriving out there we spent a few hours ratting for drones. I was surprised by two things first at how relaxing this turned out to be. Second I was surprised at how well my ship was holding up with it's minimal DPS. The Scorpion only has 4 launchers so it's fairly limited in it's DPS (I can't rat BS Spawns in regular 0.0 space as I can't break their tank.). However using T2 Paradise Cruise missiles I was able to generate enough damage that I was able take 1 and 2 BS Spawns in Drone Space. While there would be no way I could have done much solo due to the speed at which my cargo hold filed up. With an group and a nearby POS side we gained enough alloys and salvage to probably build a couple of new battleships.

One plus (and negative) of the night was that I had remembered to bring a salvager with me. For much of the Op I was the only one who could salvage much of my time was spent salvaging. During this time I began to think of how many of us spend hours cleaning up after missions. I couldn't help but think how awesome Salvaging drones would be. Think on it while you would be limited on what you could bring by drone space it's a choice between DPS and efficiency. The balance makes sense as well; you can take up drone space or high slots. While no It seems to be a bit of an over site by CCP after all there are drones for just about everything else why not salvage? I hope this is something that if they aren't considering they will in the future.

While I am able to much with the Scorpion, I was quickly realizing that other then a few situations it was of little use out in 0.0. I needed to start looking toward something else, which brings up the question of what? Do Where do I go, up till now I have primarily concentrated on Mission running and some small gang PvP. Fleet PvP is a new thing to me and I think It will bring me back to Ravens eventually I think. I have been looking at training up Amarr or Gallente ships to help add to my arsenal of ships I can use. Tomorrow is another day and we'll see what it brings...


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New Corporation...New Alliance...Updated Blog...

It's been some time since I last blogged (Blame work :D) and I haven't had much time to play EvE Online. After several months out of game I decided to reevaluate where I was with the game and what I wanted to do with my character. I have been working my character towards PvP and PvP ships in general (Currently 2-3 days from flying Interdictors). While Ivy league had/has been evolved in many wars over the last few months the majority have been from small 3-10 man corporations these wars mostly involved camping these corps in their stations. Having had my first taste of 0.0 Ratting and Life early on in EvE when Eve University was part of the Big Blue (TBB ) I decided that it was time to move back out.

With this decision well in hand It came down to a decision of where to go, several options were open to me as a member of IVY. After talking with a friend who was in a Corporation called Lucky Hydra (LHY) who was part of SMASH and playing with some of the corp members I decided to take them up on an offer to join.

So over this weekend it was with some regret I decided to leave IVY and apply to Lucky Hydra at their Headquarters in Earwik (Metropolis). After some fumbling with the interface to get my Corporation right and privileges removed so that I could join.

Not to go on to much of a tangent but this is one area I feel could do with a look by the developers of Eve, the recruitment tools and instructions for joining a corporation felt incomplete and not very user friendly.

So logging on Monday night I found I was a new member of LHY, after some checking I decided to move myself out to TDE4-H (in Geminate) as my main system of Operations in 0.0. arriving there after a 26 Jumps and a Gate transfer I manged to set myself up. Overall I have been impressed by SMASH they seem decently organized and many of the players seem to be top notch. As to LHY they seem to be as good a group of people as any I have gamed with. My first night out I went ratting in UG- however the pickings were slim though I did get some nice drops. Over the course of the last few days we have entered in to a new war with Murder Death Kill (MDK) and it looks like FERGE attacked one of the systems SMASH recently captured from them last night with a 170 ship fleet. With these events it looks like it will be both a busy weekend with lots of combat to go around.

As I get settled over the next few weeks I'll be blogging about my experiences in 0.0. I also hope to help dispell some of the misconception that many have about living in 0.0.

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