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AC gets an update

..and I do mean update!

Playable Olthoi
Players can jump right into the PvP action as an Olthoi! The evil race of bugs that started it all is now in players hands. Starting out on Olthoi Isle, players can get all the action and excitement of PvP right from the start, playing as an Olthoi Soldier or as one of the winged Spitters.
New Game Mechanic - Luminance
The newest end-game mechanic, Luminance, has been introduced to the game! Players over level 200 can now increase their abilities even more with this new feature. Improve everything from Critical Hit success, to your ability to craft. With Luminance, it is all about choices.
New Race - Empyreans
The fourth new playable race added this year, Empyreans were once the masters of Dereth and beyond. Asheron had sent them to Portal Space to protect them from the Olthoi, but now some have managed to free themselves and have returned to Dereth.
New Magic - Void Magic
Asheron’s Call continues to evolve in all aspects, and the magic system is no different! With the December event we are proud to introduce a new school of magic, known as Void Magic. This is a mastery of a darker form of magic, which focuses on Damage over time.
New Hunting Area
Located in the icy northern part of Dereth, this area for those level 200+ is littered with creatures that most will find familiar and some that are not so familiar.

Check out the other new released screenshots in the Asheron's Call gallery!


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Chages in the wind

Turbine's got some interesting concepts in the hopper for some upcoming updates for Asheron's Call, at least on the drawing board.

First - Monster Play

Taking a page from Lord of the Rings Online, they're looking into adding the ability for players to play as a monster!

The idea is this. Players would be able to create Olthoi as a playable race, but instead of making traditional characters starting at level 1 the Olthoi characters would be more like open world monster play. You'd pick one of two templates (probably spitter or ripper to represent acid manipulation and melee) and be able to run around the world as an olthoi in the 150-180 range.

Second - New Races

This time, maybe looking ahead to AC2, they're looking at adding some new playable races to the game.

Players from this magical race are recovered from imprisonment in Portal Space, and have been weakened from their ordeal. They have taken refuge upon their return with the Isparian peoples.

Players from this race are the walking dead from House Mhoire who once bore the curse of Rytheran. These undead have found an alchemical way to stave off the twisted magic curse that destroyed their House. Thanks to this purifying alchemy, they now walk the lands with free minds and hearts.

Players from this hunter race are outcasts from the Hea Tumerok, free from enslavement at the hands of the Virindi.

Players from this large earthen race are disgruntled members of the Laigus caste who have left Lugian society to travel among Isparians and improve their lot in life. The Lugian who leave to live among the Isparian races are sometimes drawn to learn skills of magic that are forbidden to the Lugians in their society.

Granted these are all in the design stage, but I think it'll be pretty cool if they can pull them off!


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The Wedding

Managed to attend the wedding of Borelean Strathelar and Hoshino Kei this weekend. Not on my home server, thanks to graphics crashing :( but at least I got to attend.

As far as weddings go, it was pretty short. Asheron introduced the couple, they exchanged wedding symbols, Asheron pronounced it good, fireworks went off, and the games started.

Since I'm not into platformers, I skipped the running and jumping games. If I get a chance, I'll make a short video of the event later this week, so you can share in the excitement (and portal storms!)


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Spring Update brings some new stuff

Just as I was thinking about jumping in and seeing what was new, Turbine released some news about the upcoming update to the game.

New Playable Race- Now you can play as a Shadow!

Players can now choose to be a Shadow, living among the peoples of Dereth! Isin Dule has harnessed the power of the Lifestones to grant those who want it, a chance at life among those who follow the light!


By researching the ancient writings of Empyrean magic, the Archmages of the Arcanum have unlocked the secrets of a new kind of magic that the Empyreans called Aetheria. In ancient times, powerful Empyrean mages learned to infuse Aetheria in Dereth with pure mana to empower it.

Barbers and Hairstyles-

In addition, barbers have also set up shop to prepare people for the wedding. These artisans can help you freshen up your look, using their expert techniques to restyle your hair and freshen your look. Their craft is not entirely mundane for they can even change your appearance as they freshen up your look. Located near the tailors, you simply talk to the barbers. If you can pay their price you will find a variety of options appear to allow you to change your style. The barbers are very particular about their time, however. You pay up front, and their fee stands regardless of what look you choose, even if change your mind and get cold feet.

Multi-slot Armor

Many blacksmiths have worked their craft in the lands of Dereth and ancient armor can be found all over. It is not uncommon for smiths to create large pieces of armor that offer coverage over multiple areas of the body. To the discerning adventurer trying to create the perfect suit of armor, however, these larger pieces can be inconvenient to fit into their suit even though the piece may have powerful magics and look very good when worn. Smiths have perfected powerful craft magic which will rework these pieces so they are much more efficient and cover less area. This allows adventurers to more easily fit pieces into existing suits.

Hmmm. Playing as a Shadow. Not sure how I feel about that!


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10th Anniversary Events

Turbine has just announced that its award-winning MMO Asheron’s Call is celebrating its 10th anniversary! Turbine will be running live events throughout the day to celebrate and will even bring back some of the most loved (and feared) signature lore characters and villains.

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Ten Years!

Tomorrow, Turbine rolls out their 10th anniversary event for Asheron's Call. Ten years.

Think about it - no iphones, no ipods, no Wii, no WoW, gas prices around 1.50 per gallon. We've seen 3 presidents, a few wars, a major tragedy. Calculators today have nearly as much computing power as computers did. The TiVo concept was unveiled at CES - now everyone uses it as a verb!

AC is rolling out some changes for the game - two handed weapons, gear crafting, another character slot, new trinkets, new augmentations. What does that mean to me? Probably not much.

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Been a while

Thought I'd jump in and see what's been happening in Dereth since I last visited.

Not much :) I paid the maintenance costs on my houses, buffed up and headed to Marae Lassal.

And got confused. AC's combat mechanism is wildly different than the games I'm currently playing. I kept hitting the '1' key to initiate an attack, and kepu un-equipping my quickness ring. :oops: Ah well, it only took me a couple of minutes to unlearn that for this session.

I did find the "Adherent's Crystal", which buffs the Loyalty skill for 15 minutes, by 250 points. Since my patron hasn't logged in for I don't know how long now, I went ahead and used the crystal. At least he'll get a few more passup experience points than before!

Other than that, just ran around killing stuff for a while. At night, which made me glad the radar at least showed the locations of the mobs, so I could fight or avoid them as I chose. DDO and LOTRO don't have that option.

Anyway, time to put my guy away for awhile. I'll probably check out the 10th anniversary patch, but AC is slowly losing my attention, for a number of reasons I'll put in my next blog.


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Rares are...rare. Even during a period of increased rare droppage. Someone calculated that the chance of a rare drop changed from 1/2500 to 1/1750. Ok....they're still rare!

Spent some time tonight (after unpacking from the weekend trip) up on Marae Lassel. I was hoping to get a rare, or at the very least take advantage of the +25% exp going on.

When you need over 4 million points to move to the next level, even +25% means something...but it's just a drop in the bucket. I had a relatively good time just mindlessly bashing stuff (except that assassin - I couldn't hit him for more than 1 or 2 points a hit), looting stuff, and trying to take creative screenshots. I did venture further north - all the way to the coast, as a matter of fact, but had to be very careful. A level 61, self-buffed, canNOT take on level 110 stuff. No rares dropped, tho I did get some hides, claws and feathers.

That's something, at least.

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